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Autumn Fever

Blog post   •   Sep 17, 2015 15:38 BST

We love autumn - it is a beautiful and busy season for us here at Stoke Park, we have Halloween and Bonfire night to look forward to as well as getting excited and prepared for the festive season. Although autumn brings out the most unpredictable in the British weather patterns, we are prepared and we can keep everyone entertained no matter what the weather.

The colours are changing throughout all the gardens as we see an influx of golden hues and red tinges to all the plants from the gardens surrounding the house to the Memorial Gardens. We have our autumn and winter plants that flourish in the coming months and the whole estate looks warm and beautiful.

The wildlife are very active, the squirrels are stuffing their faces ready for the winter season and the ducks and birds are enjoying lazing around in the cool lake water. And it’s a lovely time to visit Stoke Park, on sunny days it’s perfect to take advantage of the Spa Garden before it’s too chilly to lounge about in a bikini in the Great British outdoors and it’s time to make the most of the Outdoor Tennis Courts before they close for winter. The giant Outdoor Games are still out and about to keep the children busy when it’s not too cold and there is always the indoor games room to keep them happy and warm.

Although it is starting to get dark earlier, it’s great to play on the golf course at twilight with beautiful sunsets over the estate. Our Pro Shop and Spa Boutique are stocked up with warmer clothing for the season change.

The Heritage Walk is fun (rain or shine!!) and especially with the children as they can collect and play with all the autumnal pine cones and conkers along the way. And, we highly recommend you take an umbrella (just in case) if you are unfortunate to get caught in the rain then you can come back to the Mansion knowing that the fires will be lit and hot drinks will be ready to serve. Or you could be extra decadent and warm yourselves up with an Afternoon Tea, where our sweet and savoury treats can be washed down with lots of hot, fresh tea!

And of course we have all the wonderful facilities and features inside and out that will keep you busy during your visits and stays

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