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Five Fabulous Things we love about the Stoke Park Spa in Autumn

Blog post   •   Oct 20, 2015 10:57 BST

Even though we are having lots of sunshine at the moment, we have to face the facts – it’s now officially cold, it’s deep into autumn and potentially on the cusp of almost being winter. However, Spa Days are great, no matter what the weather. So here are the top five things we love about our Spa in the cold weather:

  1. Our Outdoor Sauna... Yes, it is outside and we know that the Great British Outdoors isn’t always warm or tempting but our Outdoor Scandinavian Sauna is totally worth the brief walk outside – trust us.
  2. Treatments, obviously! It wouldn’t be a Spa Day without some serious pampering and treatments, our Autumn Spa Reviver Package includes 1 x 25 minute treatment and 1 x 55 minute treatment; the choices on the treatment list are extensive, from facials, massages and exfoliation to manicures, pedicures and eye treatments.
  3. Lunching in The Spa Garden Lounge, for Spa Guests only, lounge away in your robes whilst eating lunch overlooking the swimming pool – absolute tranquil bliss!
  4. A lovely Hot Drink is included in our Autumn Spa Reviver Package and in this weather, we need it. Whether it’s a Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate, it will warm you through.
  5. At this time of year, The Spa Boutique is great, there’s some wonderful pop-up shops making appearances over the next couple of months and with Christmas right around the corner, they make beautiful gifts - shopping combined with a Spa Day is a convenience we can’t refuse!

For more information about our Autumn Spa Reviver Package visit our offers page

If you would like to book, contact our Reservations team on 01753 717172 or email

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