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How Stoke Park Can Improve Your Game

Blog post   •   Oct 21, 2013 00:00 BST

Renowned for our famous 27 hole Championship golf course which has inspired many of the world’s most famous holes and for being one the finest parkland courses in the country. The course, which was created by Harry Colt – an eminent golf architect in 1908 has continued to grow and develop, as now in 2013 we offer golfers more than just the course. Over the years, we’ve grown and the importance of training and development has become a fundamental aspect to club. We are Home to first class practise facilities, offering golfers a training paradise with a putting green, driving range and short game area or for a more personal training session there is the Swing Studio, V1 Pro Video Analysis and professional staff on hand for advice and available for private lessons.

Our professional staff can help you every step of the way, so whether you are looking to perfect your swing or learn how to plot your way around the golf course their skills and knowledge set can guide you in the right direction. If you’re a beginner, have no fear we understand it can be a daunting progress, so have provided the perfect solutions- group lessons for those who want to get involved in the game and private lessons which can allow you to travel the course with a professional.

Stuart Rank, Head of Instruction states the Academy has a clear vision, by the club opening these facilities it will allow for coaching to be tailored for individuals, raising awareness and skill levels. Along with providing structured and progressive lessons that mixed with golfing potential and the passion of our professional team will lead to long term development and increased enjoyment of the game.

Why not have a read of Stuart’s Swing Tips:  

Drive It Long

Stuart says “Give yourself a powerful base by tilting your upper body behind the ball feeling like you can launch the ball high. Use the energy in your right side to create the correct sequence as you deliver the club to the ball.

Stuart’s helpful hint “Imagine you’re a Javelin Thrower unleashing their power as they propel the Javelin forward.

Chip Like A Pro

Stuart says “All the best chippers on tour use their legs and torso to control their short shots. This is the engine of the swing, so don’t forget to use it.”

Stuart’s helpful hint “Keep it turning as you hit the ball and your hands and arms will simply follow the action.”

As well as developing and perfecting your techniques, your fitness is equally as crucial to ensure your game really improves. Titleist Performance Institute research on best ball strikers and the impact of their body on the golf swing is being utilised, by our Health professionals providing golf fitness screening, education and workouts programmes built for serious golfers. Here at Stoke Park we have personal trainers fully qualified in Golf Specific Fitness Training, their screening can isolate any physical limitations that affect your ability to generate and transfer speed through your body, delivering it to the club head during your golf swing. The trainers work closely with you, not just in the gym but in the swing studio using the V1 Video Analysis to correlate findings from your physical screens with your swing technique creating a customized conditioning program that focus on improving your postural stability, flexibility, balance, strength and power.

Head of Fitness, Jules Baker states these five exercises are fundamental to improving your game.

1)  Developing and training your muscle memory

Jules says, “There is no short cut to improving your muscle memory, your body must complete the movement correctly a number of times before your muscles start to understand the motion and its impact on the body.” Building and training your muscle memory is extremely important and can be built upon outside of the gym, by employing a mental routine, this can be achieved by simply imagining going over the swing sequence perfectly, this will move you one step closer towards getting the swing motion correct.

2)  Increasing muscle strength

Jules says “When looking at increasing your muscle strength, you should concentrate on the trunk area, a great exercise for this is squats.” To achieve the correct position, you should plant your feet flat on the floor with your toes facing slightly outwards, a comfortable shoulder width apart. Jules continues “it’s important to keep looking forward, pulling in your hips, not leaning too far back, ensuring your knees are not inverting”.

3)  Improving your mind body connection

Jules says “Like muscle memory training there is no quick way to improving your mind and body connection, this takes time and works hand in hand with developing and training your muscle memory. A great work out will not be achieved until your mind, body and muscles work together to become fully connected. Jules continues with “the best way to improve it, is by physically focusing on moving the body and really feeling, how the moment feels in every muscle, listen to your muscles – if it feels uncomfortable, slightly alter your position then slowly and gently move back.” This will develop more neuromuscular control of your body.

4)  Increasing your stability and balance

 Jules says “Increasing your stability and balance is fundamental to improving your swing” the exercise for this one builds upon your lower body strength- lunges with torso rotations (this is a great way to challenge your balance). Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, slowly stepping forward into a lunge position, Jules says “ensure your front knee is over your foot, twisting the knee can be dangerous.” Once you have firmly adopted this position, twist from your upper body to alternate sides, continue this changing legs in a slow and controlled manner. 

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