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New Year.. New Gym.. New You?

Blog post   •   Dec 23, 2014 12:55 GMT

What better way to kick off the New Year than hitting Stoke Park’s brand new state of the art gym. With a full refurbishment on both floors as well as the instalment of the latest fitness technology- you will never want to leave!

Why not try the brand new Running Unlimited immersive pod which transports joggers to 15 different beautiful landmarks around the world to run and conquer. This multi-sensory experience will transform your indoor experience of running or walking into something completely different, allowing you to immerse yourself in some of the world’s most amazing and inspirational destinations. Alternatively the new state of the art Star Trac Cardiovascular equipment with HD embedded television screens, integrated Fitness Coach and USB connectivity offers you an experience that is suitable and can be tailored to you and your level.

An exciting new addition to the Stoke Park gym is the introduction of Boditrax, a cloud based bio-composition tracker which allows you to scan and accurately measure your total body fat, lean muscle tissue, bone mass, hydration levels and metabolic age. The ability to connect on any internet enabled device means you can track your fitness journey in a secure environment or with the help of a Personal Trainer to set yourself goals. The idea of Boditrax is to take you on a journey of your body composition, looking at the percentage of what you’re made up of and matching yourself to the nine different core body types. This then enables you to set yourself targets, mapping the changes and spotting trends in your body’s composition. With the New Year here, why not kick start your fitness regime with the help of Boditrax!

The new Human Sport cable range brings us endless possibilities of exercises from a standing and seated position, making this equipment great for all users from injury rehab to advanced multi-movement exercises. Upstairs has been transformed with new equipment from benches to racks, including the Max Rack, an all new 3 dimensional smith machine to assist heavy workloads. This option is perfect for those who prefer a smoother, more natural option but don’t want to sacrifice personal safety or perfect form. Alternatively, the mezzanine gym now gives you several options to work at High Intensity Intervals to maximise effort, including the Boxmaster, prowler push/pull sleds, jump plyo-boxes and battle ropes. Have you tried the Boxmaster before? We highly recommend you do. With the ability to cater for all different levels, the Boxmaster will excite and encourage greater participation in boxing style fitness training. Each pad has been set up specifically to replicate different styles of punching, allowing the participant to throw any punch of combination of punches, allowing you to hit every aspect of conditioning training through this work out.

For more information about the Stoke Park gym and the new upgrade, please contact Jules Baker, Head of Fitness at

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