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​Top Tips for perfecting your Tennis Technique

Blog post   •   Aug 24, 2016 16:27 BST

Lucy Matthews on Stoke Park's Indoor Tennis Courts

Marketing Assistant, Lucy Matthews, takes on another lesson... As a keen tennis player, looking to improve her game; I met with Tennis Pro and Coach, Shaun Wilson. From the lesson, here are the main tips I took away with me.

Starting with a simple forehand shot...

1.Place your opposite foot to hand forward as this enables you to use your weight to generate more power when hitting the ball.

2.Execute a large circular movement with your arm when hitting through the ball.

Backhand shots have more variety as they can either be played single-handed or double-handed. I can play both, but Shaun advised me to pick one to focus on. Shaun recommended playing a double-handed backhand as typically, ladies are not as strong.

1.Keep your hands close together when holding the tennis racket.

2.Finish with your racket behind your back at the end of every shot.

On to serves, admittedly not my strongest area, despite being able to play with a forehand and chopper grip. Again Shaun asked me to pick one, and so I choose a chopper grip as this has more variety once the technique has been perfected.

1.The ball toss is very important, release the ball as late as possible and hit the ball high and with force.

2.A good wrist action is required to make a serve work – use a snap action.

To put everything into practice, Shaun and I finished up with a mini tie break competition. On reflection of the lesson, I found it to be thoroughly enjoyable and realised just how much you can learn in an hour!

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