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​Twas the night before Christmas...

Blog post   •   Dec 19, 2016 16:48 GMT

We are feeling extremely festive here at Stoke Park! The Mansion and Pavilion are decorated beautifully, festive cocktails are flowing from the President’s Bar and Chris Wheeler has been busy in the kitchen making plenty of mince pies. All we have to do now is wait for Christmas Day to arrive...

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Stoke Park

The mansion was lit up to shine in the dark.

The stockings were hung in the chapel with care

In the hope that Santa would find them there.

The children were tucked up in the hotel beds

With dreams of presents that filled their heads.

The parents downstairs, enjoyed a drink at the bar

And admired the sky with its bright shining star.

By the morning the stockings were full to the top

With gifts from the Spa Boutique and the golf Pro Shop.

In Humphry’s there was plenty of Turkey to eat

Chris had served up a fantastic festive treat.

The evening spent by the large Christmas tree

Eating mince pies, maybe one, two or three...

Kept warm by the fire in the Great Hall

What a great day had been spent by all.

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